Jan Slavíček

I have been working on the topic of "Succession" for a number of years. I deal with it mainly in companies. At the same time, I realized how crucial this topic is for our planet and the next generations that will live on it. Taking care of the assets we have available to us during our lifetime so that we pass them on in better condition than we acquired them - that is the VISION of the PROTWIN project. But I haven't found anyone who can facilitate the management of the entire estate, do it well, and not ask for a third of what they care for. I couldn't find one, so we put together Project PROTWIN - a system that helps me keep track, gives me perspective, and allows me to make decisions from a position of being a really good steward.

And now that I've got it together, I'll make it available to you...

I am the leader of the PROTWIN project and managing director of the company. I have been involved in private banking for six years. I have three years of experience abroad (Australia, USA, Canada, Chile). My biggest passion is developing companies and facilitating learning organizations. I mainly work with business owners on succession topic and M&A transactions. I have over twenty years of experience in these areas. At the same time, I am involved in the PostCube project.

Jana Slavíčková

Lots of intuition, little system and planning. At Protwin I am a graphic designer, proofreader and interpreter of professional language into a more understandable language for the rest of us. I have a lot of questions and am searching for answers that will be helpful to all of us "non-systematic dreamers".

Lukáš Bednařík

I kept an overview of my assets in an excel spreadsheet. The downside is that I had to manually update it every month, I couldn't forget anything, and to make matters worse, some things spontaneously change their value as time goes on. Protwin solves all this, broadens the concept of assets and shows the other options one has. I was excited about Honza's project the first time I saw it. I am a consultant for the project, providing technical support and programming for the app "PROPERTY TWIN."