Does my own Archetype affect the assets I manage?



What is an Archetype?

"Archetypes represent a very old layer in the evolution of human consciousness.

In it, there are patterns common to all humans - collective patterns of understanding reality."

"We can relate to individual archetypes only through symbolic manifestations; they are not themselves identical with their images - that is, with us."

The very PROPERTY we choose as important for our journey through life is such a symbolic manifestation of the Archetype closest to us.

In the Property Twin Project, we present you with 4 selected Archetypes to make the world of the unconscious playfully simple to begin with.

Each of us has access to all the Archetypes of the collective unconscious and at the same time tends to one or two of them more than the others.

So my Archetype will influence my reality through the symbols - the possessions I surround myself with, even without my clear consciousness. Often just through a feeling of "This is beautiful, that is useful, and I just have to have that..."

The Protwin cards are set up to easily turn this path around for you. Choose from the 24 categories of assets you already have, spread them out in front of you, then choose the 3 categories of assets in which you have the greatest proportion of your assets in terms of value, and the 4 categories of assets that represent the greatest value to you. You have 7 cards in front of you, and the suit with the most cards in front of you will direct you to your Archetype. If you own only a few of the asset categories so far, you can lay out in front of you a selection of the 7 cards you would like in your asset and calculate their color composition. An archetype is always represented in a deck of cards by the King card.

The property categories in each suit are not random. With those that are close to your archetype, you will move through life with more naturalness and care more easily.

You have taken the first step on the road to conscious stewardship of your possessions. Now you can look at other symbols associated with your strongest archetype.