For those of you who work with the physical PROTWIN cards or those related to leadership roles, here is wisdom on the four challenges associated with Queens in a deck of cards.

That wisdom has been with people since time immemorial. Certainly for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. Traditionally held by ancient scientists and artists of South American cultures.

A wanderer is a person who seeks the answer to the question "Who am I?" That search takes us to all sorts of circumstances and places where, through our actions, we gradually learn the answer to the question posed. It is often wordless. It is just knowledge that does not need the form of words.

Along the way, pilgrims encounter four challenges in turn.


The first challenge of the pilgrim is FEAR. It takes many forms and circumstances. The most basic fear is our fear of loss. That seemingly ultimate loss appears to be the loss of life. However, we can fear any other loss - shelter, health, status, money, relationships, serenity, fill in the blanks for yourself as to what loss is most fearful to you.

Fear can paralyze and activate us. As long as we wage our brave inner battle against it, we have not succumbed to it. There is still hope that we will conquer fear and remain clear in the knowledge that there is nothing to lose.
The second challenge of the pilgrim comes just at the time when we have dealt with fear and gained that CLEAR AWARENESS. We can now make decisions without fear. We have the energy that fear used to take from us and we can take risks. Pilgrims who have overcome the first challenge are very often successful people. They are determined, energetic and life is an open road for them. They step confidently into the situations they put in front of them. They often come out of them even stronger because of their clear consciousness and see everything sharply and clearly.
Paradoxically, the second challenge is the CLEAR AWARENESS they have gained themselves. While it drives away fear, it also blinds the pilgrim himself. It leads him to such great confidence that it erases all doubt and caution. We are courageous and we will not be stopped. That this is a deception, only part of the whole truth, is not easy to see. If the pilgrim falls for the deception, he will never overcome the second challenge. He will be hasty where he should wait, and wait where speed would be in order. The next learning will become an insurmountable and unsurmountable challenge for him/her.
To overcome the challenges of CLEAR AWARENESS requires humility and the realization that clarity is treacherous. At some point, the pilgrim manages to glimpse that clear consciousness is just a point in front of the eyes. It is in such expanded insight that the second challenge is overcome. It is a state in which the pilgrim experiences true fearlessness - he no longer merely deludes himself into it, he has truly acquired it. He now has POWER.
You guessed right, the third enemy of the pilgrim becomes that just-acquired POWER. He can do whatever he wants now. His decisions don't put him in danger because he can always see and choose the best path. His wishes become law. Wherever the pilgrim goes, he draws to him those who soon want to follow him, support him, fight with him and for him, whatever he chooses as his goal.
POWER is the strongest of the four challenges and the easiest to succumb to. The pilgrim who began by summoning all his courage and breaking free from fear ends by making laws and ruling.
If the pilgrim succumbs to power, POWER turns him into a cruel and arbitrary man. To stand up to the challenge, he must learn to handle power. "The pilgrim must consciously resist power and understand that the power he/she has acquired is not really his/her own. I must be constantly attentive and use very carefully, but with full confidence, all that I have learned so far". In time the realization will come that POWER, like CLEAR AWARENESS, is just another blinding point - a mistake. This is the way to conquer the third challenge and master the proper use of power.
By conquering the third challenge, the pilgrim has walked a considerable part of his journey and has learned much about himself. Suddenly, he is faced with his final challenge - AGE. This challenge surpasses all previous ones in ferocity. It cannot be conquered; it can only be resisted. At some point, the pilgrim feels a strong desire to rest. He will resist it the first time, and surely the second time. But what about the 500th time? Pilgrims who shake off the fatigue again and again are called Sages. The pilgrim already has his answer to the question, and that knowledge has been worth every hardship of the journey.