Hello, steward!

You have a set of 32 unique cards from which you can build your PROPERTY TWIN.

24 of the 32 cards represent the property categories as we know and use them today. What is unusual about this set of cards is its comprehensiveness. No personal banker, stockbroker, or even the notary you go to when you make your will can give you such insight into your entire estate.

The categories of assets are divided into 4 groups according to colour. Each color then testifies to one of the 4 Archetypes - orthodoxy - represented by the King. Depending on which categories of property predominate for you, you can determine your own predominant archetype.

You can read what knowing your Archetype will do for you in a number of stories in which Archetypes play important roles (e.g. the book Women Who Ran with Wolves). However, there is also a CHALLENGE associated with each archetype-color, and that is represented by the Queen. You will regularly encounter the challenge in situations where you are caring for your possessions, but certainly in other life circumstances as well. Can you see how the Queen challenges have entered and are entering your life? You can find the story "About pilgrims challenges " on the blog of protwin.cz.

The back of the cards is used to write the types of possessions you own in that category. So, in the first step, divide the cards into three piles. On one, discard the kings and queens, and on the other, put the categories of property you don't own. In the third pile, you'll be left with the categories you do care about.

If you would like some inspiration on the types of assets in each category, you can find it again on the protwin.cz blog.

It's possible that not everything you own in a given category will fit on the back of the cards, or you just don't feel like writing on them so that the cards don't "clink" for further play with them. In that case, you can make a simple spreadsheet to write everything in (if you don't feel like creating one, we'd be happy to send it to you, email us at protwin@protwin.cz for one). You can also create your own online version of the property twin. This will allow you to update your assets at any time, find out their value, structure or add your "First Will" - you can find the online version on the Protwin website under the menu item Estate Twin.

Another thing you can do with the cards is to plan what assets you will manage in 5 years and place the cards on your vision board. Before you do this, think carefully about what the assets should do in your life.

Recommendations for reflection:

Don't make property your goal, make it a means to accomplish your mission, vision, dreams and goals.

Naked we came into the world and naked we will leave it. Everything we have has been entrusted to us for the duration of our lives to care for and pass on. How good a steward of your property are you? And do you know who you would want to put in charge of your property if something unexpected happened to you? Would your loved ones know what was of value to you and why?

They don't teach us much about asset management in school, and then only about selected categories. Use the cards for your own learning and that of your children. Take one card each day - a category of possessions, but also a challenge or archetype - and talk to your loved ones about what it means to you or to them.

In doing so, if you think of some other really fun and inspiring ways to play with cards, email us at protwin@protwin.cz. We'll post it on the site for others to use and send you a reward.

Finally, the cards also make up a set of 32 originally German cards with which you can play Rain, Marias, Green Meadow, Seven and many other popular games.

May the cards bring inspiration, action and organization to your life: Jan on behalf of the entire Protwin team